welcome mat with church logo
welcome church entrance mat
branded entrance mat for the church
logo entrance mat for chuch

We create church welcome mats and church floor mats for any type of church organization.

Let your visitors first attraction be the church entry mat

church rug with logo

Your Church Entrance Matters

Let newcomers feel welcomed by the custom made carpets with church logo at your Church entrance; let them have that feeling to come back again. Our branded entrance mats are a great way to achieve that welcome. We have a large variety of branded church mats and runners that serves different areas.

Add an elegant feel to your church and make a lasting impression to your church members. One other important thing, our branded welcome mats prevent dirt on the floor while taking care of your beloved church members.

  • Branded mats for the Church Altar Call with Church logo .
  • Custom mats for the Church hallway with the church logo.
  • Pastor s office mats with church logo and statement.

Church Entrance Mat Gifts

An order for a special spiritual message branded mat would make a great gift !

Process Steps

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