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Covid-19 Social Distancing Branded Logo Mats Now in Stock

Brightercarpets social distancing mats are slip resistant branded mats that displays clear and informative safety warnings, whilst also functioning to keep your floors clean and safe.Social distancing custom mats provides your customers and staff with safe distance warnings and instructions.The benefit of these branded mats also is to improve the compliance with the government mandated social distancing regulations in your workplace.Most companies now place these mats at a few selected areas to make sure that they abide by the Covid-19 rules. Make sure your premises also plays an important role in these Social distancing times .

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Our Hand Sanitizer mats kindly specifies that people be pro-active in mantaining health while in your faculty.Wash your hands floor mats gently remind employees and customers alike to keep their hands clean and germ free.


The branded safety mats are professional and do not become worn and scratched like stickers. They can be moved from one place to another giving you versatility to change the floor premise layout.The mats can be machine washed for hygienic purposes.


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